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Amelia Earhart Expedition

SeaWord is a primary partner with Nauticos, LLC on the Amelia Earhart Project advancing the project’s educational and scientific goals. SeaWord will promote access to the expedition for educational and scientific research in the remote Howland Island area and surrounding seas, promote educational and scientific study of the Earhart site and provide input to the Alliance members regarding educational and scientific interests. See The Search for Amelia Earhart for more information on this exciting ocean discovery project.

SeaWord is seeking funding for the following specific interests to support the Amelia Earhart Expedition:

Participation on the Expeditions for archaeologists, scientists or other research personnel. The Earhart search expedition will occur in an area of the world that is not easily accessed by ocean researchers. SeaWord will seek funding to support participation by researchers and/or scientists on all Earhart expeditions. These researchers could be marine biologists, marine archaeologists or others, and SeaWord will fund their travel, research and expedition expenses. Estimated costs for each researcher, per expedition is $50,000.


Preservation of Elgen and Marie Long’s extensive Amelia Earhart Research Collection. Nauticos has purchased the entire research collection of Elgen and Marie Long. The Longs have spent over thirty years researching Ms. Earhart’s life and their research collection includes actual witness interviews, a video and 16mm film collection, photos, personal accounts and other unique material. SeaWord intends to catalog and archive this material so that it will be available electronically to facilitate further Earhart research. SeaWord will also preserve the original material, seeking advice from archival specialists, so that this unique collection will not be lost to future generations. The estimated cost for proper preservation of these records is $100,000.
Conservation and Protection of Earhart’s plane. The eventual conservation and protection of Earhart’s Electra will be both time consuming and expensive. Estimates range in excess of $3,000,000 at this time, although simply the recovery of the aircraft from the ocean floor will exceed this amount. SeaWord seeks funding to protect, monitor and properly conserve the Electra.